Sunday, January 31, 2010

Monday, Monday...

Time to prepare for the coming week.   And I totally spaced on the Friday praises post so be sure to let us know what you managed to get accomplished last week.

I found this great link on twitter today and thought y'all might like it.   

Show up as your own project manager, by Marla Beck. 


  1. This past week going to the Long Ridge chat helped get me out of a major depressive swing. I actually had an idea for a story (for the current Reading Writers contest) that may affect the cozy mystery I'm wanting to write in a positive way.

    I wrote the story and will be submitting it to the new critique group.

    This week?

    I have a story that Elizabeth Guy said I really need to get submitted, so I'm going to get that done this week.

    I have another story that I need to rework to be able to submit it to a SciFi contest, and I will be working on that.

    There is still a lot of stressful stuff going on in my personal life, I'm hoping to stay on top of things better this week than I did early last week.

    I hope all is well with everyone here.


  2. Hi Jean, thanks for sharing my latest Relaxed Writer post with your readers!

    Let me know if I can answer any questions for you guys - I love helping writers make more time to write.

    Wishing you a productive, fun and relaxed week,
    Marla (@MarlaBeck on Twitter)

  3. Great news Sandra. Good luck this week. I hope it's a productive one.

    Loved the article Marla. All sorts of great advice.

    As for me, last week went very well. Despite playing catch up from the family being sick, and me spending Friday in the hospital, I got done almost everything I wanted to do, and even wrote a few hundred words.

    This week should be easier. I am going to transfer what I have long-hand over to Word and then keep writing on the laptop. I am also working on virtual book tours this week, and have three reviews to write.

    Really need to come up with an idea for my next Writer2Writer article too.

    Good luck everyone!


  4. I spent 5 hours today revising and reading. My brain is totally fried. But you know...I so love this story.

    My Reading Writer piece didn't make the Honorable Mentions this time. But no's a good piece and I'll ponder where to send it soon.

    Sandra...glad things are getting better:-)

  5. Sorry to hear you didn't make HM. :-( But I'm glad you're going to send the story elsewhere.

    So far, I'm winning today's battle with depression. :-)

    I'll try to see you tomorrow on chat. I missed it today cause I was writing. :-)

  6. Aw, sorry to hear about your story not making HM, but I'm glad you're thinking of where to send it.

    Keep battling Sandra. You can do it!

    I wrote some of my MG novel today. (Dancing with glee!)