Sunday, January 3, 2010

Monday's Goals

Writer's need to set weekly goals. And then work toward achieving them By sharing these goals with others we share our journey and can receive encouragement, support and share our successes.

So, take a few minutes this weekend, plan your writing week and share your goals with us in the comment section.

Here's mine...

Polish the three short stories I have ready and get them sent out.

Get at least another 2k on mystery novel. (I'm going to change my progress meter so y'all can keep up.)

Plot out at least one short story.


  1. No writing goals this week. I have a huge editing project to dedicate my time to. Once that is done, I might be able to squeeze some time in.


  2. I love goals, but they definitely need to be realistic and not get you down when you can't get in an hour of writing each days, etc.

    Since I'm deep in my world-building and revising stage of my current novel, my goals are a bit organic - meaning they take me longer to fit the right pieces into place. This is what I have planned for this week:

    - Continue to update my cosmology
    - Figure out how these new changes affect the world, its history, and my plot
    - Type these thoughts into a nice, organized PC file!

  3. Polish the non-fic article and it's submission letter

    Get an idea for a story for my next Long Ridge lesson. (Opening and magazine for submission due to instructor by Jan. 20th)

    Hopefully write another chapter for the fan-fiction story that is in progress.

  4. I really like this short goal setting plan, so I'll give it a go. I usually set long time goals and get there anyway I can, your idea makes more sense. So these are my writing goals for this week:

    1. Polish 3 short stories I wrote
    2. Continue working on the 2 other drafts; also short stories (I'm stealing your 5 story in the world idea too lol)
    3. Do some market research

  5. Ok, so mine are more like Wednesday goals, but that's okay. :) I want to finish plotting out the rest of my chapters.