Monday, January 25, 2010

New Week - New Goals

What are your plans for this week?

I'll be writing like crazy, I am to get at least 2,500 words on dragon novel.   I'll also be blogging, and getting some stuff together to learn how to make book trailers.

Stop by the Troll's Bridge for links to a free "how to" workshop for book trailers, conference info and lots more.


  1. I like that goal, "write like crazy." It sounds exactly like what I plan on doing this week.

    I have a few files I need to revise and also have the bad guy's master plan to hammer out. Lots of thinking, lots of typing. It's always interesting to see how much I can get done in a week.

    - Chrissy

  2. Well, my week is already struggling, so I don't have great plans. Not being a defeatist; just coming off a household of sick people, plus having the kids home today and errands I can't reschedule tomorrow and Wedneday, means Thursday and Friday are my only two full days to work.

    Right now I am avoiding working on a press release, which I need to do right after I post this. Then I need to make sure February tours are all set to start on Monday, and then responded to the over 20 messages about hosting March clients I haven't gotten to in my Inbox from last week while we were sick.

    I still hope to write some. We'll see.


  3. It's Wednesday.
    My goal is . . .

    to not give up, which I am currently tempted to do.