Sunday, January 17, 2010

Monday Goals

It's time to plan for the writing week ahead.  Having some basic goals to aim for gives us direction.  Sure we don't have to follow exactly, especially when the plot bunnies arrive unexpectedly but it's nice to have someplace to start.

So, what's on your agenda for the week?


  1. What isn't on my agenda would be a much shorter list. LOL!

    Still need to finish the newsletter for Musing Our Children, finalize February tours--two weeks earlier than normal (yeah!)--and plan to work at least a little bit for three days this week on Amelia's Mission.

    Other stuff I need to do: write up a review, blog, and consider my Writer2Writer article for February.

    I hope we all get a chance to check some things off our to-do list this week.


  2. Yeah, my list of what I won't be doing would be shorter too.

    Here's a start...

    Put together crit group for LR. (Almost done...just need to do some emails.)

    Put together blogger alliance. (Need to email and write up stuff for it.)


    After talking to publisher last night, she wants my dragon novel by the end of May. So, I've got to get that finished and revised so we can start the final revisions in June. I hope to have it out by Sept. Which will be cool!

    Work on mystery. Still have that May workshop for it. Plus, I want to have it ready to at least pitch in April at a local conference.

    Need to come up with a couple more blog posts to keep ahead.

    And I have a couple shorts I want to work on and submit.

    No wonder my head hurts.:-)

  3. Jean, that's great news about your dragon novel! How long have you been working on this one? Which publisher are you sending it to? Sounds like you have some exciting times ahead.

    Ahh, the wonderful to-do list that never seems to end; and it's so easy to keep tacking more on there.

    How do you ladies keep on top of everything? How do you get to everything on your list? =) Like always you both have pretty lofty goals!

    Overall, my weekly goals are simple: keep writing. I'm in the midst of figuring out a fairly important plot hole and revising/changing earlier character and history files.

  4. Congratulations Jean!!

    no comment on goals . . . :(