Monday, December 28, 2009

The Idiot's Competition

Here's a fun contest I discovered via Twitter.

Thankfully I had the perfect "idiot" moment not long ago so I've entered.

Now you go for it too.

Monday Goals & Friday Praises

I know at least for myself, I need to set short term goals to reach my long term ones. If I set no goals, I accomplish nothing.

So, in order to accomplish more in the upcoming year I've been working on some goals, resolutions and such. One of those goals was to clean off my desk and when I did, I found a note about "Monday Goals & Friday Praises." I think it's just what I need. I hope you feel the same way cause.

Here's how it works:

Either sometime Sunday or Monday morning you post your goals for the week in the comment section.

On Friday, you update us on how you did. Even if you don't achieve all your goals for the week, you'll have a record of how much you get accomplished. Plus, the rest of us will be cheering you on. We'll also poke and prod as needed.

So, start getting some goals in mind for the upcoming weeks.

Remember for some great writerly resolutions, check out J.A. Konrath's blog.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas Y'all!

Make a Custom Christmas Card at

Have a great holiday season y'all.

We'll be back to normal on Monday the 28th and we'll get started with some revising tips.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Agent Appreciation Day

I'm not one for sappy lovefests but I just have to chime in on Agent Appreciation Day. And no, I don't have an agent but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate all they do for me. Yes, I hope to have one by this time next year.

Thank you for your blog. The advice posted is one of those "priceless" items. From answering questions from struggling writers, dealing with those who just don't have a clue and sharing how to make the best first impression, there's no limit to the good stuff found on agent blogs.

Thank you for attending conferences. Meeting agents in person at a conference is one of the highlights of many writer's weekend. Whether it's pitching sessions or query letter workshops, it's another invalueable service provided.

Thank you for twittering. Yeah, I know. Some folks think Twitter is a waste of time but when taken in small doses, it tends to be quite helpful. Not only do we get to see a more casual side but they also pass on some great links.

And I want to say a special thanks to all those agents who respond to all queries, even those they aren't interested in. And thanks for responding in a timely manner.

Thanks for those little comments that make the dreaded form rejection letter a tad less painful.

Thanks for reading the slushpile when you have 900 other things you need to be doing.

Thanks for the encouragement, the wisdom and insight you share with those who aren't your client and probably never will be.

Thanks to those of you who judge contests. And thanks for the feedback you provide.

I know I've more than likely forgotten something so just THANKS!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday fun...

This is just too cool!  Link to Talking Photo found at PaperBack Writer.

This had us laughing like crazy.

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Monday, December 7, 2009

The Art of War for Writers by James Scott Bell

As I've said before, I love books on writing and one of my favorite "how-to" authors is James Scott Bell. So naturally, when his latest book on writing came out earlier this month, I just had to have it. The Art of War for Writers didn't disappoint either. Divided into three sections, there are tactics and strategies for writers of all levels from the newest novice to the grizzled veteran.

Section 1, Reconnaissance, gets us into the right mental frame of mind with pointers on discipline, self-motivation and putting one's heart into their writing along with admonitions against worry, desperation and fear.

Section 2, Tactics, starts by encouraging us not to settle for "mere fiction" then gives us the tools needed to take our own writing to the next level. From "write hard, write fast" and "edit slow, edit tough" to "utilize the Q factor" you'll find tips and techniques for dealing with dialogue, backstory, characters, pacing exposition and the all important starting point.
Section 3, Strategy, guides us through the day to day, business side of writing. Practical tips include goal setting (which I plan to put into practice real soon), when to start the agent hunt and how to get the best results. I especially appreciate his advice on query letters and the synopsis.

The Art of War for Writers is stuffed full of great advice and I see myself returning to its pages again and again. And while I say this is one for the keeper shelf, I have the feeling it won't be spending much time on the shelf.

You can download a free sample of The Art of War for Writers here.  I found my copy at Books a Million but you can also purchase online with Amazon.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

To the future...

I wasn't sure what to do with this blog now that Nov. is over but as I was wondering what in the world went wrong with the Twitter updates, I happened to read the purpose and goals that I'd come up with when the idea for this blog hit me in the middle of the night.

Our Purpose:

To empower those who take up the challenge to write a novel with knowledge while supporting our fellow writers, forging friendships and encouraging each other to be the best writer possible.
Our Goal:

For every writer to complete his or her novel project.

There is no mention of NaNoWriMo or November.  Novels are being written year round.  So, why does it have to end with the arrival of Dec?  I say, it doesn't.

So, we'll carry one here.  We'll put one word on the page and continue moving forward with our writing.  I'll do my best to find interesting things to share with you, things that will help you become a better writer. 

To that end, everyone head on over to StoryFix.  This month Larry will be doing a 10 part series on getting published in 2010.  He includes a list of links to articles he's posted or guest blogged to get you ready for the series.

StoryFis is a great site and one you should have in your favorites.  Not only does he have a lot of great info there, he explains things so everyone can understand. 

Here's to the's to getting our novels writte, revised and ready to send out.  Cheers!!!