Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm just curious...

Last year, I focused on working on my novel.  And only had two short stories published, which had been written the year before. 

This year, I want to do both.  Here's why...

Writing short stories teaches how to write tight and to a word count.

Having several short stories publishes is a nice thing to add to you query letter when you contact that agent.

Sometimes, being focused so intensely on one project gets old so having something short in the works is a nice change of pace.

So, how many of you are focused on writing novels only or, are writing only short stories? many of you are trying to do both?


  1. I've tried to do both, but now I'm focusing more on novels and children's books. While shorts give me a sense of satisfaction when they are done, the market research is time consuming, and the pay off, not outstanding. While I understand adding to your credits is a good thing, I can't take the time to deal with it right now. I have my articles for Writer2Writer and I am focusing on "Amelia's Mission". I also have one children's picture book manuscript that is almost ready to send off to a publisher.


  2. I'm with Cheryl. Short stories are satisfying and challenging to write, but I simply don't have time to do the market research. It's not like you can go down a list in your Writer's Market book and send the story out. You need to read and study the magazine (or ezine). There's a lot involved besides writing the story.

    Now, I have decided to subscribe to two short story magazines because A. it supports the market and B. you're absolutely right tight writing. The writing in short stories is amazing simply because there isn't time to dance around. If you want to tell a story you need to get right to the point.

    For me, personally, I'm putting all my writing time into my novel and finally get this sucker out there.


  3. I'm going to try both. I have the novel I want to finish and polish up, but I also have a few short stories banging around in my head, I also need to get back to submitting another that's finished. Sigh.

  4. I'm struggling with market research. I'm not published yet either. :-(

    I still have four assignments with Long Ridge Writers Group so I will be doing at least 2 more short stories.

    I also intend to begin to seriously work on a novel length book.


  5. I'm going to work on both this year. But that said, last year I focused on novel and learning craft.

    And yes, the market research is time comsuming. That's sorta why I like anthology markets...they are more open to things as long as they fit the theme or topic.

    Still, there's just something about seeing your name as a byline that just makes it totally worth the effort.:-)