Friday, January 15, 2010

It's Friday!!!

So, how's your week been?  Did you get the things accomplished that you wanted?

For's been a fun week.  Plot bunny made an unexpected delivery that just had to be written this week since the deadline for submissions is today.  I've just about got it ready to go. Just need to tweak the end a tad.

Novel is going nicely.  Not as much progress as I planned but I got another story finished so can't complain too much.

Plus I've started the last blog I plan to start.  It's an eclectic  mix of writing stuff, contests, conferences, agents, links and whatever catches my fancy.  So, check out  my post on Chex Mix, Writing & Reading.


  1. I accomplished a lot, and I think I'll be ready to write a little on Monday. We'll see what happens this weekend. I have one final read through for a client and need to load tour pages for March--which has just exploded with clients.

    I hope everyone else had a productive week.


  2. I had to email my instructor as I still have nothing for my Long Ridge lesson.

    I rewrote the submission for The Verb and got it sent in, so that's a yes on that one.

    Story not written yet for the fanfic challenge.

    So - one of three completed.


  3. Pat yourself on the back for what you accomplished this week Sandra. Any way we can help you on your idea for your LR assignment? Let us know.

    Good luck this coming week.