Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I spent most of today either writing or revising.  So, in honor of all that revision, here's some revision links.

10 Helpful Editing Tips

Fiction Editing

Line Editing in 10 Easy Steps

Even if you aren't revising something big, these are some nice tips that apply to short stories also.


And when you take a break today, stop by the Troll Bridge for a brainstorming guest post from The Wulver's Stane.


  1. Am I one of the only crazy people who enjoys revisions?

  2. I enjoy them too. It's work...but very satisfying to see things change from blah to YES!!!

    I think it's the using the other side of the brain thing. One thing I have noticed though...serious revising tires me out more than serious writing. *shrugs*