Friday, January 1, 2010

Writerly Resolutions

Well, here it is, the first day of a brand new year. And that means time to plan all those things we want to get accomplished. So, here's a list of some of my new year's resolutions. (Stolen from J.A. Konrath's Blog.)

Finish the blasted book and its sequel. (First draft is almost done.)

Get and keep at least five short pieces out on submission. (Have three ready to go now, need to tweak a couple others.)

Finish every story I start. (I'm so bad about starting something and not finishing.)

Update my website. (Boy, do I NEED to do this!!!)

I will attend as many writing conferences as I can afford (at least one) and won't hide in the corner. I'll introduce myself to other writers, agents and editors. (I love writer's conferences so this won't be hard.)

Keep up this blog. (I've never been a journal/diary person so it's hard but I'll suck it up and just do it.) Each week day (I get Sat. & Sun. off.)you'll find something of interest. Whether it's contest info, writing tips and links or markets...there'll be something here.

On a more personal note...I plan to learn American Sign Language this year. This is something I've wanted to do for a long time but kept putting it off.

I've come across two really nice sites. One, has a "sign of the day" and a "phrase of the week." Today's sign is "sweetheart."

The other site, ASL University, has a really great fingerspelling gadget. I'm still on "slow" but I'm getting much better.

Now, what about you? Got some resolutions you'd like to share with us?

Remember, we'll be starting our Monday Goals soon so decide what you'd like to accomplish during the upcoming week and be ready to share it with us.

And, by the way...Happy New Year Y'all!!! May all your publishing dreams come true this year.


  1. I'm horrible at goals and resolutions. That said:

    Exercise more and smarter.

    Lose 20 pounds.

    Get one of my non-fiction articles and at least one short story published.

    Finish the Long Ridge course (I have 4 more lessons to go).

    Finish @ least a first draft of either the novel or the mystery story that I have in my head.

    A Happy New Year to you as well, Jean! :-)

  2. I'm not one for resolutions, which is kind of funny when you think of how goal oriented I am. Right now, these are the top three:

    * Increase my VBT client list
    * Increase my editing work
    * Finish my MG novel by the 1st quarter of 2010 and submit to publisher I have in mind

    After that, I can't make any promises.

    Good luck everyone!


  3. Good goals....both of y'all.

    I've got some long term finish and submit novel, revise and sub the dragon fantasy...

    I'd love to get an agent and a sale but those are out of my control.