Friday, January 22, 2010

It's Friday...

Time to update us on how you did this week.  So, let's hear it.

Bonus links...

Here's a very cool post about steampunk.  And while I couldn't do it, steampunk romance anyone?

I love this post on infusing your life with positive energy.  I seriously need a "No Energy Vampires Allowed" sign.


  1. I'll start off...

    It's been a good week for me. I received word that my short story "Tracks" that I sent in to the Reading Writers contest made it through the first round of cuts. There were 388 entries and she weeded it down to 81. Now, hopefully it will continue to remain in the running.

    Also talked to my publisher and deadline for dragon novel is the end of May. Depending on how long revisions take, it should be out before Christmas. I'm hoping late Sept. or early Oct.

    Been doing lots of plannning and not so much writing but still moving forward and happy.

  2. I'm right on track for this week, although I have 3 more days to get some writing done. I'm doing great as far as figuring out my plot hole; every time I have a brainstorming session I get a little bit deeper. Actually, I had a wonderful run this morning with a few 'ah-ha' moments.

    I also finished revising one of my early background documents and am going strong into the next.

    Overall, a good and productive week - even managed to get in a monthly local writer's meeting.

    - Chrissy

  3. Congrats on all your accomplishments this week ladies. Great news on the contest and the book, Speck. I'm so excited. Chrissy, you keep amazing me with all you're getting done. And a writer's meeting? You're good girl.

    Okay, let's see what was on my to-do list this week:

    "Still need to finish the newsletter for Musing Our Children, finalize February tours--two weeks earlier than normal (yeah!)--and plan to work at least a little bit for three days this week on Amelia's Mission.

    Other stuff I need to do: write up a review, blog, and consider my Writer2Writer article for February."

    I had a decent week. I finally finished the Musing Our Children newsletter and sent out the notice to subscribers. Tours are pretty much in the bagd, and I've blogged almost every day.

    Sick kids, hubby with a bad back, and my own sickness hasn't left me time to write yet, but I did review the suggested edits to my MG novel and hope to work a bit tonight or tomorrow, depending upon when I go to sleep tonight. I feel yucky and the little one is now coming down with the stomach bug, so I might call it an early night.

    Kudos to us for making progress this week!


  4. My short story "Snow Day" also made the first cut in the Reading Writers contest.

    I finally got assignment #9 sent into Long Ridge.

    I haven't started writing the fanfiction challenge story that is due in on Monday, nor a new chapter for the serial story I'm posting at a few Tolkien fanfic archives.

    I have a question.
    I'm having trouble with genre. I write what comes into my head for assignments and contests (and when writing in general). The problem arises when I either look for markets as part of my course assignments or to submit contest stories. I have a terrible time figuring out what genre things are. I've even read through lists of genre descriptions and still have trouble. Usually, they seem to be cross genre or simply "Literary" which seems to be a small, mostly non-paying genre market.

    Do you decide your genre first then write to fit it, or do you write first the rewrite to make the story fit the genre? Or do you _____?



  5. Sandra...

    For me, I just write and worry about genre later. But, that said I generally write mystery or fantasy so it's fairly easy to decide which is which.

    Here's a couple simple definitions for you.

    Literary is a story where the words matter the most. Meaning how they sound, how they are put together...the style is more important than the character or action.

    Mainstream is when the character's growth is the most important part of the story.

    Now, they can cross. Literary can be fantasy or other more commercial genres.

    I say, write. Don't worry so much about what to call it until later.

  6. "I say, write. Don't worry so much about what to call it until later."

    I agree with the all knowing troll on this one. I've actually come up against a dilemma in my current WIP because I planned it to be a Middle Grade novel, but it really looks like it will end up as a Young Adult story. We'll see what happens.

    On my other stuff, I wrote for a specific genre, so I knew ahead of time. Sometimes things don't fit it nicely into one place. Maybe your LR instructor can give you some suggestions on placement if you're really struggling.

    Great news on your short and on completing that assignment. Congratulations.