Saturday, February 6, 2010

Weekend Update...

Make progress this week?  Get anything written, revised or sent out?  Did you get an acceptance letter or even a rejection letter?

Tell us about it.

Me, I finished my very first ever zombie romance flash fic piece and sent it out to Dreams & Nightmares.  Special thanks go out to my readers and critiquers and the certain individual who shall remain nameless for urging me to send it out.

I also managed to get quite a bit of revision done on the dragon novel.  And that's a good thing since my deadline is the end of May. 

And, while I didn't make it to the final round of the Reading Writer's contest, I'm still happy with where I ended up.  There were 388 entries and my piece made it to the second round with the best 40.

Now, what about you?

1 comment:

  1. Kudos on all you accomplished this week, and good luck with that submission.

    This has been a productive and inspiring week for me. I was able to edit the first three chapters of Amelia's Mission based upon feedback from my critique group, plus self-edit the next two chapters, and then send all 5 chapters off to a few readers. I have decided that Amelia will be sent off to school, so I got in touch with Wheaton College, which used to be Wheaton Female Seminary in Amelia's time, to discuss using their college as a setting for that part of the story. I plan to go out to Norton, MA in the spring for additional research of the school and the area.

    Had a meeting of the planning committee for a local writers conference I am involved in and will be coordinating one panel, as well as being a presenter. This should be around the time that Little Shepherd comes out, so if I have books available, I could sell some there.

    I have also been asked to come to Las Vegas in June to present a workshop on online book promotion. Not sure if I can swing it yet, as the girls aren't out of school until June 24 thanks to all the white stuff we've gotten so far.

    Some of my book tours for March are already done, and I'm looking at April and May now. Also wrote 3 or 4 book reviews this week and figured out my next Writer2Writer article.

    If only all weeks could be like this.