Sunday, February 14, 2010

Another Monday...

Time to set goals for the coming week.  So, what do you have planned? 
I've been doing research but plan to get lots of writing done this week. 

Share with us.


  1. Last week was another productive week, but no writing for me. This week the girls are home, so I'm trying not to overcommit myself.

    I have to write my February article for Writer2Writer, finalize March book tours, and edit a short manuscript for a client.

    If time allows, I will write up three book reviews, read every day, and write the next chapter in Amelia's Mission.

    Good luck everyone!

  2. I need to get a fanfic story done today for the challenge I help run. (no throwing shoes at me for bothering with fanfic - at least it is writing ;-) )

    Then I have to get my lesson 10 written for my LR course so I have time to have friends look it over and do some rewriting before sending it in [first week of March].

    I really need to get a story from a past Reading Writer's contest sent into the Nashville Review. I keep dancing around it and not doing it.

    I'm being chicken. :-(


  3. Editing, and submitting a short story. :D

  4. Sandra, I dabble in fanfiction too. I haven't been able to lately because of deadlines, but these stories can be good practice.

    Have a productive week Sandra and Lynn!