Saturday, October 24, 2009

Progress Meters

 One of the cool things about the NaNo website is it's progress meter.  It's a boost to see the numbers add up and the progress bar change color.

But, you can't do much with that progress meter and you can't take it other places.  So, check out the progress meter at StoryToolz.

This progress meter can be added to a blog, website or what have you and each time you update it at the StoryToolz site, it automatically updates the word count. 

So, if' you'd like to share your progress meter with all of us here, set one up then email me (jeanlauzier @ the code for it.  I'll add it to the side board. 


  1. I just found out about your blog site from Pop Syndicate & it seems a novel idea (no pun intended). I'll have to return and do a bit more reading. There are a few things about writing that remains a mystery, hopefully I can learn a few things. But I'm thinking good writing comes from reading & the actual sitting down and writing something. Most of my writing has been nonfictional stuff like reviews and so forth, so switching over to fiction with characters, plots and so forth proves a challenge.

  2. Love the pun!!!

    And yeah, there is a lot of things about writing that is a mystery. I'm still learning and I've been working at it for almost 7 years.

    In fact, I had major epiphany just last week. Now I'm trying to figure out how to apply it:-)

  3. Emailed mine over to you today. Woo-hoo!

  4. So, let me ask you this because you've used these silly progress meters before. I added yesterday's word count--pathetic though it was--this morning. When I click on the progress meter on one of my blogs it shows the analysis with the 256 wordslisted, but the meter as you can see in the sidebar does not reflect that. Does it need to go through some sort of process before it is reflected there too?



  5. Figured it out. Never mind. I am just a big dummy. LOL!