Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Sorry I missed a couple days...our internet has been iffy.  We have a dish on top of the house and when it rains, we often have no internet.

This afternoon I fixed a big pan of lasagna for dinner.  And boy was it really good.  But, as I was eating I happened to glance at my plate in search of the next cheesy, meaty bite of goodness and was struck just how much writing a novel was like creating a great pan of lasagna.

Each ingredient in lasagna is needed and lends a special flavor.

Same thing with a novel.  There are so many different ingredients that HAVE to be there in the right amounts.  You must have characters, conflict, plot, twists, dialogue, description, exposition, and structure just to name a few.

Then, once you have all the ingredients, they still have to be layered in correctly.

So, during these last few days, gather up all your ingredients.  Get you pan and be ready to start cooking on the first of Nov.

Remember...if you want to have your progress meter added to the side, just send me the html code and I'll be happy to add it.


  1. Food and writing does seem to go together, doesn't it? LOL!

  2. Yummie. Lasagna is fantastic, although I've found I never make it the same way twice! I suppose that can said for books as well - you'll never write them the same way; they each have their own story and voice. Another important thing to remember, is if your lasagna doesn't come out right the first time, take notes and change up the recipe a little. Just like in writing.