Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Off Topic...sorta:-)

Over at StoryCrafters a couple of us are debating the pros and cons of writing short stories along with novels.

So, I'm curious. How many of you here write short things along with novels? How many have only written short stories or only novels?

Do you think writing short stories helps your novel writing?

Do you think that getting short stories published will help when you try to get your novel published?

If you don't write short stories, why not?

Also, I want to invite you all over to StoryCrafters. It's a nice little group of writers. There's a lot of good info there, we're a friendly group though we've been kinda quiet for a bit. Things are perking up so join our little group. We even have a private critique area to protect our first rights.


  1. I'll carry my thoughts from SC over to here. All of my current novel ideas have come from shorts I've written that I felt would be better as longer pieces.

    I enjoy writing short stories, as they give me a sense of accomplishment, but I rarely try submitting them because I am too lazy to perform market research on something that small.

    Yes, I am a very bad writer. :)


  2. Posted a note on FB about this.


  3. Gosh, I hate doing market research. I sorta dread doing the agent research that's in the not so distant future. Sigh.

    Again, I enjoy doing shorts. Expecially ones that challenge in some way such as short word count or to a specific prompt. Problem with those is finding a market. I've got several pieces that I wrote for prompts at The Verb (and tied for second) but there isn't much of a market for them...or I haven't found it yet.

  4. That's the trick isn't it? You get better at writing, make more progress writing shorts, except there's little market for them, at least considered 'pro.' It's a tough spot to be in. It's nice to have a 'pay-off'. For most of us, we like to know there's an end goal - to be published. It helps you work through those tough writing problems, knowing there's something waiting at the end of the rainbow.

    Your writing, however, will improve and that will help get your novel published. Still, there's a lot of time, sweat and tears required to make that happen.

    It's your call and what you think is best for your writing.

    Me? I know it would improve my writing, but all the time I have is devoted to my novel. I simply couldn't fit anything else in my life (and expect this novel to be finished in the next 5 years).

    - Chrissy

  5. I tend to write both. Sometimes the short stories are just fun breaks, sometimes they turn into a more serious pursuit. I've also gotten ideas for longer pieces from goofing off with a short story. I don't think that getting your name out there via short story publication could hurt the novel endeavors. But who knows? Once the short stories start selling, my opinion could change. :)

  6. I used to only work on novels until last year. Once I started writing short stories I felt a broke through a mental barrier in my head and my writing improved for it. Plus there is the pay off of the story being done quicker. That allows a writer to feel they accomplished something whereas novel writing for a newbie can feel like never accomplishing anything. Especially if you are just starting out and still facing the dreaded sagging middles syndrome.

    I'm glad I tackled short stories and suggest all writers give them a shot, at the least.