Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nov. 3rd - Affirmation and Progress

I'm trying to get this right again...will see what happens this time. :-)

Images and words come easily when I sit down to write.

So, how'd you do today?  Are you having fun?  Any problems or unexpected surprises?


  1. No progress yet for me. Late work night meant I couldn't get up for my early morning run and brainstorming session.

    I have hopes for lunch though, maybe I can get in a good half-hour with my notebook.

  2. I'm limping along as I try to plan tours and everything else. But I have more than I did when I started, so I'm good with that.

  3. I wrote today . . . but not on my novel. I worked on a fanfic for a challenge I write for every month.

    At least I wrote. :-)