Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nov. 11th - Affirmation

I have the craftmanship and creativity to successfully finish this book. of now, I have internet and power to  my computer.  And, most importantly, I have chocolate. 

What are some of the things attempting to distract you from your writing this month?

What are some good things you've discovered doing NaNo?


  1. Well, let's see, computer taken hostage by spyware and some viruses that broke through our firewall, but thankfully didn't infect the entire network. Laptop had to be rebuilt so I lost a day of work there and am now dealing with IE 8 that doesn't allow me to view everything I used to.

    Planning virtual book tours, since I have a diverse group in December. Some are finished and just need to finalize dates, others I need to find more stops for, plus I am promoting 5 authors this month and trying to get a jump on January.

    Family stuff in general, Christmas Bazaar for church, and volunteering at the girls' schools a bit.

    Some good things are that I've realized that I can sit down and write if I want to and it doesn't come as hard as it once did. I don't try to go for perfect the first time around and don't spend much time rereading what I wrote--unless it has been 2 days since I wrote last.

    I'm also much more motivated to finish this one, even though I doubt I will make it by 11/30. I am going to put completing this first draft into my weekly to-do list and find a way to make it happen.

    Okay, how about some of you lurkers? We would love to hear how you're doing.


  2. Chocolate is most definitely a must. :)

    Car issues have been a distraction this week.

    I'm getting better at the whole planning thing. Yay!

  3. Cars, UGH! My hubby's is at the body shop and I woke up to no truck this morning when I had told the girls I would take them shopping. Not a good day. :)

  4. I've been lurking because I'm not writing :-(

    I've had family related emotional issues all this past week and haven't felt like doing anything much at all. (Muse? What muse?) My novel is fighting me every inch of the way so when I do write it is like slogging through molasses. It's like getting an introvert to be a good conversationalist, dragging each word out of him/her.

    The family issues seem to have cleared & I'm going to a local NaNo Write-in this afternoon so we'll see if that loosens things up. I'm extremely discouraged that I've fallen so short with this.