Monday, November 16, 2009

Nov. 16th - Affirmation

Each day I consciously remover from my  mind the imagainary bindings of self-doubt and the unnecessary limitations of uncertainty and fear.

Happy Monday y'all!!!  Today starts the last half of Nov. and NaNo.  Y'all should be over halfway through your 50k now and in the middle of the story.

How y'all doing?  Any unexpected happenings?


  1. I'm a couple thousand words behind but that's okay. I can make it up over Thanksgiving four day wekend. Best wishes for your success.

    Stephen Tremp

  2. Great news Stephen. I am so far behind that I doubt I'll catch up, but I keep plugging away.

    This entire month has been one unexpected thing after another, so with tours and all, it hasn't been easy, but I've only missed 3 writing days and still have more than when I started, so I'm happy with that.