Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nov. 10th - Affirmation

I have talents and skills and abilities.  I even have talents and skills that I don't know about yet.  And, I'm discovering new talents inside myself all the time.

How y'all doing? 


  1. Up to 4242 as of yesterday, but haven't tried to write yet today because I'm planning tours.

    BTW, how come I am the only one with the little numbers on my progress meter? I know you all are writing.


  2. I was writing...but no internet for days and days. Then the meter wouldn't update. Had to delete the thing and start over. What a pita:-)

    Even if you don't have a meter up...let us know how you are doing!!!

  3. Yeah, 34 followers, so hopefully some of them are doing NaNo.