Monday, September 28, 2009

Just a reminder...

I've spent the last hour searching in vain for a website I had in my favorites on the old computer. But, I just can't find it. I don't know the addy, and can't come up with the keywords to locate it. I'm totally at a loss.

And I'm really annoyed. It was one of my favorite sites to pick fantasy names. I'm hoping to be able to put my hard drive into another computer and get the addy but that's not going to happen for a while.


If you have a favorite link...write it down somewhere. Don't rely on your memory or your computer. Something will happen and you could lose it.

Same thing with your writing. Please back it up on a regular more than one place and manner. If nothing else, at least email it to yourself.

I'm off to sulk and self-medicate with chocolate.

Write well!!!



    This is one of the places I like to use alot when looking for names for characters or places.

  2. Hey Morgaine...

    I love Seventh Sanctum!!! Especially the place generators. And the room name generators.

    This wasn't really a name site in the writer sense. It was a numerology site for witches that had a list of names. It had the COOLEST list of names.

    One day I'll find it again...I hope.

  3. I write down things I want to remember on any bit of paper that happens to be within arm's reach. The trick is to remember WHY I wrote it down in the first place. Lol. Hope you can get the site address back.

  4. I'm horrible because I depend on my PC too much. We backup every night--having a computer nerd hubby is often very nice. He also backs up remotely to Mozy, that way if everything got lost in a fire we wouldn't lose all the pictures of our kids.

    My larger problem is I delete things that I sometimes end up needing. I haven't done it since I accidentally deleted the wrong copy of a WIP that I worked on while on vacation, but it was sure heartbreaking doing it that one time.

  5. Oh yeah...

    I have bits of paper all over my desk with misc. notes on them. Bits of names...titles for the future...links to articles or craft tips...

    Ever so often I go through them and stack 'em up for later.