Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Inspiration Tips

Ever feel totally uninspired? Like your brain has taken an unscheduled vacation without letting you know?

I'm feeling that way tonight. It could be the fact I wrote over 2,300 words today on novel. And not easy words either. My two main characters are at odds with each other and it wasn't the easiest scene to write. Or, it could be I'm just tired. Heck if I know.:-)

So, tonight I'm taking the evening off. I'm going to take a long hot bath, have some chocolate and relax a bit. Along with a good night's sleep, that should recharge the batteries.

But I realized that as we progress through the coming months together, and especially during November when we're writing like mad, we're going to have days when we aren't inspired.

What are your favorite ways to recharge your batteries? Me, I like chocolate, some time away from the computer and driving as if I was on the NASCAR circuit. It's also helpful for me to change from computer to pen and paper.

Share your favorite ways to recharge? did your writing day go? Did you reach your word count goal? Have you decided your writing goals?


  1. Um, no, I didn't reach my writing goals, and that's because I ran out of time. Darn, I need to make this work.

    Back to lack of inspiration, I find that I only have trouble getting into the swing of things after writing for a long time--which hasn't happened in forever. LOL!

    When I finished the first draft of "The Sisterhood" I couldn't write for about a week. It's the same thing when I review books. I read 10 books while I was on vacation, and took a couple of days off before heading back into the pile again.

    I don't believe in forcing your brain to do something it won't. It will just be a frustrating experience. Yesterday, I read over some of my fan fiction stories to get back into writing mode--which is why I ran out of time. I love those stories and it's hard to pull away. On the other hand, it's giving me ideas for what I want to work on. Maybe NaNo is doable this year.


  2. For me I find inspiration from reading books in the genre I am writing. I also watch episodes of Sex and the City, it helps get my brain going.

    I have also forced myself to write my blog more often and that is good to keep my brain going and thinking.

  3. Most of the time, just getting away from the workspace helps. Coffee and pho help get the ol' noggin relaxed, too. :D

    Doing pretty well on the word goals. I've managed to meet them for the past few days, I think that having the reward system helps me.

  4. When it's time for me to quit writing for the day I always quit in the middle of a scene. That way I know exactly where I should begin the next day.


  5. Good tips.

    I generally can't read in the genre I'm writing. But I do like to read other writers who are much more advanced in the craft.

    I think blogging helps too. At least it gets ideas flowing. The problem with blogging is sometiems that's all the writing that gets done:-)

  6. The last couple of days, didn't get any word count in. Tonight though, I did get in over 780 words.
    With a total lack of inspiration for anything to write, I looked over some writing prompt notes that I wrote down months ago. I started with "why is that boy sitting on the roof?"
    Having no clue where to go with it, I ended up writing a short ghost story.